Explore our app's unique features, designed to improve your sending messages experiences like now here before.

Unlimited Features

Enjoy an abundance of functionalities customized to your needs, ensuring a rich and diverse messaging experience like no other.

Creative Design

Immerse yourself in a visually attractive interface designed with creativity to make messaging a pleasurable experience.

Message Privately

Connect quietly with friends and loved ones with private messaging, assuring secure conversations at your fingertips.

Super Fast

Experience lightning-fast messaging that syncs with your talks, ensuring real-time communication without delays.

Retina Ready

Enjoy clear, high-resolution visuals on any device, ensuring an engaging and visually appealing communications experience.

Build Community

Build meaningful connections and long-lasting relationships within your community, and collaboration to a new level.


Ultra Fast

Experience lightning-speed performance with our offered services which ensure smooth and efficient running of operations.

Great Photoshot

Data is guarded by top-level security protocols, ensuring the best protection with encrypted defenses against threats.

Super Secured

Improves account security via multi-factor authentication, which adds an extra layer to further keep information safe.

Simple User Interface




Delov Technologies began as an alternative to Chat but has now developed into a comprehensive platform that allows you to send and receive different types of media, including text, photos, video, documents, and location sharing. You can even make voice calls on our platform. We guarantee the security of our users communications by implementing conclusion-to-end encryption. Our ultimate goal is to make global communication as easy as possible, without any obstacles. With our online chat platform, you can communicate in real-timeget instant support, and have personalized interactions to increase your satisfaction and maintain long-term engagement.


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Delightful experiences with extraordinary service always led to happy, loyal fans.

Sophia Jones

I was awed by the features and security assurance of Delov Technologies, it was an outstanding online chatting app.


Understands the ability to make video calls it personalizes my interaction, and it has been a game-changer for me.


Delov Technologies assures to send the various types of media it's the ultimate tool across the whole world in communication.


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Stay close to the best real-time chat, secure media sharing, and instant support right from within our app. Stay in touch with the provision of text, photos, videos, and voice calls. Enjoy personal interactions and convenience at its best!


It was an exceptional online chat app offering features such as media sharing, voice calls, and video calls with high security.

Delolv Technology stands out for its improved security, fast media sharing, effortless phone conversations, and personalized video interactions.

Delov Technologies offers technical support such as troubleshooting, software updates, user training, and 24-hour customer service to provide easy communication experiences.

Delov Technologies provides a variety of pricing levels, including free and premium versions, to meet wide user needs and budgets.

Yes, the Delov Technologies platform is accessible on iOS, making it compatible with iPhones and iPads for smooth communication.


Stay connected anytime, anywhere on your preferred device.

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